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About company

The Falcon Invest story began in 2016. We became obsessed with the idea of creating an analytics and training platform that would be very different from the existing analogs on the market. The idea captured us so much that we started development right away. We were few at first, but our goals were great. We designed, prepared prototypes, made mistakes, corrected them, redesigned, reconciled, tested, and finally achieved our goal.

Today, Falcon Invest has many more like-minded people creating a great product. We have everything we need: the best team, the best technology, the best solutions. We have studied and loved finance and trading down to the last detail, and our goal is to inspire our users to do the same.

We believe that great products start with a great team. We are lucky to have professionals at Falcon Invest who live what they do.

Working in conjunction with the Security Traders Association (STA), we can give you access to a cutting-edge platform that will allow you to reach your full potential.

Our Values

We learn, we share knowledge, and we learn again

At Falcon Invest, everyone learns at all times. For us, it’s not an obligation, it’s a way of life.

We believe in the power of communication

At Falcon Invest, we talk, discuss, ask and answer. There is no endless hierarchy here. We believe in open and honest communication.

We are a team.

Our company is a close-knit group of people who are passionate about the same idea. If we succeed in something, it is the credit to each of us. If we make mistakes, it is the responsibility of each of us.


  1. I think that the broker is not bad, you can earn money with it. I registered here about two weeks ago and have even earned the first profit. It took a little time to make the payment, but in the end I received all the money in full. If the broker expands the list of payment methods and makes it diverse, he can strive to the top. The potential is good.

  2. They minus a large sum from my budget by stupidly rigging a technical failure on the platform. Well, what can be said after that? I recommend staying away from this dubious company, which is not going to compensate customers for damages and does not give any guarantees.

  3. The best broker, that’s for sure. The company honestly fulfills the agreements and is not going to let traders down, I have already seen this from personal experience. He made several thousand dollars on this site. And I think this is just the beginning.

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