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About company:

50x positions itself as a new generation cryptocurrency exchange. Its difference is the trading core based on the quantum CPU. This ensures high transaction speed. 50x founded in 2018. Registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Supports trading of 35 cryptocurrency pairs. Margin trading is available with a maximum leverage of 1:300. The trading commission is 0.2%. It is charged from both the taker and the maker.

3 thoughts on “50x  Review

  1. For those who have not yet decided on the choice of a broker, I recommend the company. No explicit or hidden commissions, only fixed spread and swaps. Deposit/withdrawal of funds is free, there is no need to pay for opening and maintaining an account, and depending on the amount of funds on deposit, the spread is significantly narrowed. Nevertheless, I found a small minus: once on Friday evening, the terminal hung up, and support does not work on weekends, and therefore help came only on Monday. As a result, I did not have time for the beginning of the European session.

  2. t’s good that I didn’t pay attenItion to spreads during registration, otherwise I wouldn’t have opened an account, although I know that free cheese is only available in “kitchen DCs”. Already in the process of trading, I saw that the spreads are noticeably higher than those of others, but in Trade360 you don’t have to pay for anything else, they don’t even take a commission for withdrawing funds. Therefore, I continue cooperation, and for high-quality services it is not a pity to give a couple of extra points on spreads at the expense of further prosperity.

  3. Not outright swindlers, of course, they don’t extort money, but they don’t give money either. Introduce some kind of restrictions every other day damn it practically. Also, some strange quotes are coming. That one day is a normal flow, then it is not at all clear where the prices come from. Doubtful office

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