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About company:

CashForApp is a service for freelancers. It has been operating since 2018. The platform provides an opportunity to earn income on the development of mobile applications, design for them. And also on the publication of ready-made applications in the Google Play Market. But for this, the user needs to register a developer profile for $25. After that, these funds are returned to his account in CashForApp. For the publication of one application in the Play Market, the service pays up to 3 thousand rubles.

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  1. The functionality is not very honest, I write reviews very rarely, but I decided to write to help people save time, the developers need to improve the application, it would be even more great if they increased the cost of the work performed. And then you spend a lot of time, you devote all of yourself, and here you are paid in pennies. On the one hand, this is very annoying. We also need to add various online part-time jobs in order to attract customers and performers.

  2. Found a great app where you can earn good money. The application is very convenient to use. The main thing is that everything is legal, it is a well-known brand and a reliable company. Withdrawals are made quickly. User-friendly interface, beautiful application design and ease of use. I am a copywriter and graphic artist. Lots of orders and good pay. Doesn’t take much time. Anyone can work, a diploma and special experience is not required. I recommend to all!!!!

  3. Online earnings are a new discovery for me. Before that, he worked, waited for a salary, was dependent on his superiors. But now I have found a great app CashForApp where you can earn good money from the comfort of your home. There are very different tasks for you to choose from, and execution depends on your experience and ambition. There are no special requirements, it takes little time, you can accumulate good money in a short time, withdrawals are made quickly to different payment systems. Very satisfied, I recommend to everyone!

  4. There are many freelance offers out there, but this is by far the worst I’ve come across. Firstly, a very inconvenient design, they pay a penny, in a word, a waste of time. I do not recommend it, just waste your nerves. I ask the developers to improve the application! And then it’s terribly buggy, all the nerves are frayed! Human labor must be valued and respected. I didn’t like it at all. Hope everything gets better in the future.

  5. Another deception. I didn’t like the CashForApp app at all and I don’t recommend it. They promise a lot, good extra money, instant withdrawal, but the reality is all a scam. At the beginning, I wrote reviews, worked as a copywriter, the payment was a penny, and when I wanted to withdraw, they reset it to zero. I didn’t understand at all. Wrote to support, no answer. Guys, I’m in total shock. Don’t repeat my mistakes!!!

  6. In a word, a scam. They promise one thing, but in reality another. The app is buggy and slow. I didn’t like it at all, the tasks are many, not clear, it requires a lot, they promise little. Wasted time, traffic and nerves. They pay very little, unlike others. When will people understand that it is necessary to respect the work of another person and pay decently?! I do not recommend!!

  7. Sitting at home with a child, I wanted to work as a freelancer. I stumbled upon the app, read the reviews, and decided to sign up. My expectations were not met. Write one thing, promise another. Another scam. You spend a lot of time, but you earn a penny. They do not appreciate human labor at all, even after the work is done, they complain about the quality, and refuse to pay. I absolutely do not recommend.

  8. The app is terrible, I’m very disappointed. At the time of registration, I encountered a scam, they offered a paid service. Of course I refused. In the description, everything was cool, but in reality it’s simply impossible to describe in words, trash! People, don’t waste your precious time on this nonsense! And do not believe that they pay well, you can withdraw money, another scam. It’s definitely a waste of money.

  9. I work as a freelancer in my free time, for me freelance work is an additional income, and to be honest, this is my hobby. I’ve been doing design and graphics for many years, I’m pretty good at it. Lots of orders. Well, you can earn real money. And it is very easy to withdraw them, without commission. If you want additional passive income, then you need to come here, you won’t regret it. I advise everyone!!!

  10. Like everyone else, I became interested in online earnings. In addition to the main job, you can earn passive income. And I decided to freelance, I have experience in design and graphics. I spent a lot of time on passive income, as a result of empty expectations, I earned very little, and of course I am disappointed. You spend a lot, you get a little. Maybe it’s not mine. Of course it’s up to you, but I obviously won’t do freelance work.

  11. It doesn’t matter if you have work experience, you can earn in the app. This is a great way to earn money without any requirements. And most importantly, everything is legal. You can find different tasks by completing them, earn real money. And the withdrawal of funds is made quickly and without any commission. I recommend to everyone!!!

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