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3 thoughts on “Fingroup Review

  1. I understand their system. They take money from people who need an apartment but cannot. As a result, there is no apartment. I had also, I intend to go to court! They just took the money and that’s it. No shame, no conscience in people!

  2. Pure cheaters. I have been looking for my dream home for a long time and found it. They didn’t give me a mortgage, my friend said that his friend works in fingroup and can help. Well, I had some savings, they asked me to give a considerable amount in addition to the mortgage. I gave, all dreamed of dreams of an apartment. Then they stopped answering e calls, and the acquaintance simply disappeared. Broke me, now I don’t know what to do

  3. Divorce and fraud! In no case do not contact financial groups, you will lose money, you will not get a mortgage. They have a beautiful system of deception, people are happy with noodles on their ears, and then everything breaks off after investing your money. Don’t get fooled!

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