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We’re one of the world’s leading online trading organizations, giving both novice and experienced traders rapid access to a wide range of trading instruments. We have been in the online trading sector for more than ten years and are currently a market leader. We are happy to provide the biggest number of traders with the best standards of security, technology, and trading techniques.
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Our company growth approach prioritizes innovation, and we encourage the deployment of any new trading technology that has been thoroughly evaluated in our in-house laboratories. Investing and financial activities are aided by technology, particularly software that automates and speeds up the trading process.Trading Guidance

Our staff is always willing to assist our customers in expanding their expertise and becoming more knowledgeable investors. As a result, our knowledgeable customer support representatives are available 24 hours a day, five days a week.

For online transactions, we use the most stringent data security measures. Thousands of traders all around the world have benefited from our trading solutions, which have molded their experience, ambitions, and objectives.

Our top aim is to include the views of traders in the decision-making process. What sets us apart from the rest of the market rivals is our willingness to listen to traders’ opinions, requests, and ideas for improving goods and services. Any product or service changes are made public, and our traders are notified through email.

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  1. In early October, in the mailing list of a well-known bank (perhaps they are partners of other banks as well), a letter came about earning money on investments. The manager said that this is a well-known British broker Atlas. I decided to work with them, the first couple of days were great, the deals were all profitable for my account of 5,000 rubles. Then they started to process it harshly, lie down $ 1000 and don’t want to hear anything, I stopped liking it and I tried to close the account, but it turns out that the user cannot do this, only through analytics, closing the account and withdrawing money. If the analyst wants to allow you to withdraw, then only through this can you do it. You can contact the analyst only via Skype, there is no direct phone number, they call each time from a different number (I even kept all the numbers from which they call in a notebook, they are not repeated, both from mobile numbers and from landlines. City usually or Moscow and the region or foreign, cellular Moscow, Moscow and Belgorod regions). I have been trying to close the account for over a month. After replacing the analyst, everything went well, after a while I began to trust him and decided to deposit $500 into my account, and the analyst was gone, I can’t access my trading account, he doesn’t appear on Skype, he doesn’t read messages. More than 2 weeks later, another analyst called, by this time I had already reconciled that the money had been lost, said that my analyst had quit, and he transferred my account, as well as the accounts of his other clients, to the category of inactive and technical. He said my money was on the spot, I decided that I would not invest any more money in this sharashka, but I would open deals, it might suddenly turn out to take out at least a little money. In a month I was able to disperse several times with profitable transactions, after another month the amount was already several thousand dollars and was able to persuade the analyst to close the account and withdraw money, and here the fun began. Input and output of money is carried out only through the analyst and through exchangers, each time different. I was told that I would receive it in an hour, a maximum of a day. But the money did not come, and the analyst was waiting for my call, but at the same time, allegedly, he was not aware at all that the money had not come. A couple of minutes later, he called back and said that my transfer was allegedly rejected by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the money was returned to the European Central Bank and immediately they threw me a piece of paper, where supposedly in order for me to receive my money, I need to make a bank guarantee document, which is 20% of the transfer amount. At the same time, the document itself can be seen that the text in Photoshop was simply removed from the ECB document (taken in the public domain) and the text was typed on top. As a result, this document looks like this – clear text on a blurred background of the document. And serious processing began and the analyst calls endlessly and the financial department. At first they said that I only had a couple of hours, then I wouldn’t get the money, they directly demanded that I take a loan, that in Skype in the screen sharing mode, go to my personal account and show how I take a loan to get my money. There is already an amount of O in my trading account. Then, when I refused, they already said that I had a day, then 3 days, then at the end it was already a week, and if I did not deposit money through them to my trading account, the money would be distributed by the ECB to all European countries. After 3 weeks, they began to call again, now like – the head of the financial department of the largest European broker, so that I transfer money urgently. My words that I do not trust them and that I do not believe a single word of theirs. At the same time, they do not react to my words that I was informed that my money has already been distributed and they are not there. Then it got to the point that the analyst told me let’s throw off half of my money, and you’ll finish the difference when you said that there was no money, you were even ready to throw off at least 10-20 thousand rubles, and he would pay the difference himself. I tried and decided to throw off 5 thousand rubles, as he said that he would throw off the entire remaining amount. After they came to them, called and said everything, now let’s throw off the rest.

  2. Previously, I had a negative experience with fraudulent brokers and I began to communicate with the SwissHold broker with caution, at first they made a good impression, the licenses sent contracts, they persuaded me to invest 5 tons of rubles, in a week I earned $ 20 on transactions, they immediately offered me to withdraw, I went through analytics. Then persuasion began to invest 100 tons, 700 tons, with promises of zloty mountains of profit, but thank God I had suspicions, I did not give them anything. After that, applications for opening loans from different banks began to come to my phone number, I had to change my phone number in banks where I had accounts, after that everything calmed down. New phone number

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